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A Daily Roundup of the Best Stories from the Top Newspapers

Posted Wednesday, May 9, 2001

Top Stories
Consumers recover some of their confidence

Monitor poll: After hitting a low point in April, the nation's economic optimism rebounded sharply in May. (Christian Science Monitor)

Technology Snares College Cheaters
Professor's Computer Search Triggers Investigation of 122 Students
(Washington Post)

As Jewish population declines, a culture departs Dixie
All over the South, in hidden hamlets and tiny villages stand the remnants of prosperous Jewish communities that flourished during the Confederacy. But nowhere is that past more evident than in the Mississippi Delta.
(Boston Globe)

Celebrity Personal Assistants' Job Description: Whatever
From the mundane to the sensitive, personal assistants handle it all. They have grown so vital to the rich and famous, some call them 'wives.' (Los Angeles Times)

Cuts Urged in Patrols Over Iraq

Risk of Allied Pilot Being Downed Cited
(Washington Post)

U.S. Weighing Future of Arms Pacts
A debate is brewing at senior levels of the Bush administration over whether the United States should stop negotiating arms treaties. (New York Times)

Federal bench at a tipping point
Thirty-one of 179 federal appeals judgeships are open, giving Bush the possibility to tilt the courts to the right. (Christian Science Monitor)

Bush's team quickly sets political pace
Newcomer's early missteps are few but energy, defense will test him (San Jose Mercury News)

The frustrated view from Race Street

Cincinnati remains calm but on the edge after the indictment of a white officer, as racial tensions persist. (Christian Science Monitor)

In California, early hint of a bad summer
Rolling blackouts hit California for the second day running yesterday in what energy officials say is merely a preview of the long, hot, dark summer around the corner. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Executioners map McVeigh strategy
Seeking to fill a knowledge gap caused by a 38-year hiatus in executions, federal Bureau of Prisons officials turned to the 31 states that have carried out more than 700 executions since the death penalty was reinstated.
(Dallas Morning News)

A Hanging Haunts East Texas
The region's hate-filled past makes a black man's death an unsettling mystery. (Los Angeles Times)

Italians tip toward a tycoon

Despite scandals and far-right allies, Silvio Berlusconi is expected to win Sunday's vote. (Christian Science Monitor)

U.S. Drug War Allies in Disgrace
Arrests of Peruvian Officials Expose Corruption, Deceit
(Washington Post)

Gun makers plan campaign to promote gun locks

Gunmakers are preparing their first ad campaign, with print ads promoting gun locks, as gun sales are falling. (Wall Street Journal)

East Europe steelworks enjoys American revival
In one of those odd turnabouts made possible by the collapse of communism and the emergence of a global economy, U.S. Steel recently spent $500 million to take over a huge but bankrupt steelworks in eastern Slovakia.
(Chicago Tribune)

If you don't speak Spanish, you might be left behind
With the surge over the past decade in the Hispanic population in the United States, speaking Spanish is becoming more of a necessity than a choice in many parts of the country.
(USA Today)

Who needs Madonna when you got Lingala?

Music and dance are a major form of escape and a rare source of national pride in the Congo. (Christian Science Monitor)

















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