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A Daily Roundup of the Best Stories from the Top Newspapers

Posted Monday, May 7, 2001

Top Stories
Villagers Dispute Kerrey's Account

Vietnamese Witnesses Say U.S. Squad Initiated Killing in 1969 Raid
(Washington Post)

To European Eyes, It's America the Ugly
President Bush's apparent insensitivity to European concerns on a broad range of issues has clearly opened the way for a season of America bashing. (New York Times)

Donkey ball heading out to pasture
A rural fundraiser is in danger of extinction because of animal rights pressures and a lack of people to carry on the tradition. (Chicago Tribune)

Slain Wife of 'Baretta' Star Pursued Celebrities

As police said they still had no suspects in the slaying of actor Robert Blake's wife, the victim's family and friends described a woman periodically tangled in legal problems and obsessed with meeting entertainment stars. (Los Angeles Times)

Most Cities in U.S. Expanded Rapidly Over Last Decade
Census figures show that the nation's largest cities grew nearly twice as fast in the 1990's as in the 1980's, with three out of every four urban centers gaining population. (New York Times) Also: Whites fueling growth in downtown populations (USA Today)

Ellis Island genealogy database swamped
Huddled masses yearn to find ancestors on a new Web site. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Adoption apology too late for Indians
The nation's largest child welfare organization removed Indian children from their homes and placed them with white adoptive families across the nation in the 1950s and 1960s. (Chicago Tribune)

Now You Need an Area Code Just to Call Your Neighbors
Facing a shortage of telephone numbers, regulators are adding area codes -- often interspersed among existing ones -- at a furious pace. (New York Times)

The calm in the eye of Congo

After three months of "house cleaning," President Kabila is looking to renew a country so ravaged by war that some families now eat cooked cow skin, bats, and caterpillars. (Christian Science Monitor)

Rural justice endures in Albania
Eye-for-eye law, part of an ancient code, keeps some in prisons of fear. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

War crime suspects get promoted
Recent promotions of Indonesian officers accused of crimes against humanity round out a picture of almost complete impunity for Indonesian soldiers, say human rights workers. (Christian Science Monitor)

How Tiny Qatar Jars Arab Media
A satellite TV channel beams uncensored news. Its 30 million listeners can't do without; often, their leaders could. (Los Angeles Times)

Euro Inspires Little Confidence

Investors -- and Criminals -- Seek Refuge in Dollar
(Washington Post)’s ‘m-commerce’ effort fizzles
Amazon had grand plans for mobile-commerce services. The online retailer predicted that customers would purchase the company’s goods via wireless devices. Now, those efforts have been dramatically scaled back. (Wall Street Journal)

Job gains for the poor now at risk
After finding work in record numbers, minorities are being hit hardest as the economy slows and joblessness rises. (Christian Science Monitor)

Liquor industry wants to run hard-alcohol TV ads
U.S. liquor marketers are set to challenge the taboo against promoting booze on television, making a more aggressive push to get ads for hard alcohol on the air. (Wall Street Journal)

It's nip and tuck amid rivalry of plastic surgeons
Face lifters have accuse each other of unethical surgery, stealing each other's techniques, being too eager to take risks or simply of stranding hundreds of socialites with the bug-eyed, windswept look of a ''bad lift.''
(Boston Globe)

Behind-the-Scenes Events Dictated Writers Settlement

In the end, measured, level-headed negotiations delivered union respectable gains. (Los Angeles Times)

















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