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A Daily Roundup of the Best Stories from the Top Newspapers

Posted Friday, May 4, 2001

Top Stories
Clinton Has Praise and Rebukes for Bush, Friends Say

Bill Clinton has told associates that he thinks President Bush is a formidable politician, and far shrewder than many Democrats give him credit for. (New York Times)

An Enigma Awaits Death
Tim McVeigh Was a Good Kid and a Good Soldier. So What Went Wrong? (Washington Post) Also: Even for death penalty foes, McVeigh is the exception (USA Today)

Repo man thrives on tech troubles
While the technology-stock bust has caused many companies in Silicon Valley to go belly up, itís boom time for the guys who seize fancy cars from failed dot-commers. (Wall Street Journal)

Nation's center content to stay quiet, tiny town
Edgar Springs, Mo., may be known as the midpoint of the nation's population, but don't expect residents to take their home's new claim to fame to heart. (Baltimore Sun) Also: As Diversity Sweeps Nation, a Placid Pennsylvania Town Unchanged (New York Times)

Bush and Fox: geopolitical version of the two amigos

Both men wear cowboy boots. Both are at home on the ranch. Is it Roosevelt-Churchill all over again? (Christian Science Monitor)

President to 'reach out' with speech in Spanish
The historic move recognizes the political power of Hispanics and thrusts the president into the sensitive issue of language and government. (Miami Herald)

How the South outgrew the Klan

A Klansman's conviction in a 1963 bombing points up the KKK's pariah status -- but other hate groups are taking root. (Christian Science Monitor) Also: FBI: Church bomb tapes not withheld on purpose (Chicago Tribune)

Immigration drive tests Iowa
The state is trying to lure hundreds of thousands of diverse newcomers to Iowa in the next 10 years. The future of Iowa, dying by degrees both economically and socially, depends on it, civic leaders say.
(Chicago Tribune)

Soaring Internet use strands phone callers with busy signal
As Internet use grows, more Americans see an unwanted consequence: local phone lines so clogged that they can't make phone calls or jump online. (USA Today)

Starry-eyed tourists, get in line
Several companies are planning for a future when tourism in space will be routine. Some are already taking reservations for short, suborbital flights into space, while others are drawing up plans for huge hotels in orbit. (Boston Globe)

This Mob Shot Its Brains Out
Crime boss Ralph Natale, in rare testimony against his own, tells a tale of murder--and ineptitude. (Los Angeles Times)

Philippine Saga Leaves Democracy in Lurch

Events linked to Estrada's ouster spur fears of military's ascension. (Los Angeles Times) Also: Two presidents, one nation: Philippines fears for its future (San Jose Mercury News)

Fed's Legwork Led to Quick Rate Cut

Firms Surveyed Before April Surprise
(Washington Post)

Recording industry targets Gnutella file sharing

Study shows Napster usage is plummeting (Wall Street Journal)

Low-budget Twins baffle baseball's prophets

The Minnesota Twins, who have for two years regularly appeared on baseball's endangered species lists, are leading their division. (Christian Science Monitor)













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Christian Science Monitor
USA Today
Los Angeles Times
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San Francisco Chronicle
New York Daily News
Boston Globe
Philadelphia Inquirer
Miami Herald

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