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A Daily Roundup of the Best Stories from the Top Newspapers

Posted Tuesday, May 8, 2001

Top Stories
Rumsfeld to Seek a Military Strategy Using Outer Space

In his first major policy speech, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld will propose a sweeping overhaul of space programs. (New York Times)

A Book Spreads the Word: Prayer for Prosperity Works
An obscure biblical character said to have reaped heavenly rewards for his prayer is garnering increased devotion among businesspeople, singles and church leaders thanks a small book. (New York Times)

Swiss stamps selling like chocolates
Forget those silver-coated sweepstakes tickets or scented magazine perfume samples. Swiss Post began selling the ultimate scratch-and-sniff item last week: a postage stamp that smells like chocolate when rubbed. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

The new nuclear 'theology'
Under Bush, missile defense is for new foes. "Assured destruction" still holds for old ones. (Christian Science Monitor)

Clinton Donor Wanted in India
A major political contributor to Bill Clinton and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton was being sought by police in India while he accompanied the former President on a recent trip there, the Indian press has reported.
(New York Daily News)

Election reform lags in divided Congress
Six months after the divisive presidential election, a Congress split along partisan lines still hasn't figured out what, if anything, should be done to improve the way federal officeholders are elected.
(Boston Globe)

Mother of Jesse Jackson's child: 'I'm not a blackmailer'

The mother of Rev. Jesse Jackson's out-of-wedlock child ended four months of silence Monday, saying she has grown worried about her reputation and that she wants Jackson to formalize a support agreement in court. (Chicago Tribune)

Elite colleges pressured to use new wealth
Many universities are enjoying remarkable good fortune, thanks to soaring stock market returns and record-setting fundraising. Professors, students and critics offer ideas: Cut tuition. Finance worthy causes. Pay janitors more.
(USA Today)

Pope on a mission of contrition

As he traces the footsteps of the Apostle Paul in Greece, Syria, and Malta this week, Pope John Paul II also appears to be on a larger journey of Roman Catholic contrition. (Christian Science Monitor)

'Great Train Robber' Packed Off to Prison
Surrendering after 35 years on the lam, Ronnie Biggs returns from Brazil to 'face the music.' (Los Angeles Times)

Seeds of Revolt Sown in Rural China
'Farmers' Heroes' Give a Voice to Besieged Taxpayers
(Washington Post)

Where Misery Is Daily Bread
Afghans who fled the Taliban are stranded at the border. Tajikistan refuses them. (Los Angeles Times)

Apple to open first retail store

Over the past 18 months Apple has hired on several retail-savvy executives from Target and Gap while attempting to recruit retail professionals from rival computer maker Gateway's stores.
(Wall Street Journal)

Coke, Pepsi go to mat over sports drinks
The soda wars are giving way to a battle over sports drinks, as Coke plans big changes in its Powerade brand in the hopes of winning over the sweating masses this summer. (Wall Street Journal)

Synthetic Actors Guild

'Final Fantasy,' the first film with an entire cast of hyper-realistic, computer-generated human characters, is likely to reanimate a 20-year debate over the role of 'synthespians.' (Los Angeles Times)

















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