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A Daily Roundup of the Best Stories from the Top Newspapers

Posted Thursday, May 10, 2001

Top Stories
Senate split empowers a maverick

GOP's Jeffords of Vermont straddles the gap
(Chicago Tribune)

Doctors cross line that modifies future generations
A team of doctors has quietly helped several families around the world give birth to babies who are the first to carry the genes of two mothers and one father. (Christian Science Monitor)

Brave Night Witches of the USSR
For Russians, Victory Day celebrates the defeat of the Nazis in World War II. But for the women of the 46th Regiment, the ceremonies also mark 60 years since Stalin established three female air force regiments. (Los Angeles Times)

Gas Prices, Blackouts Pose Problems for White House

Republicans are increasingly nervous that surging gas prices and rolling blackouts will pose a colossal political problem for President Bush. (New York Times) Also: U.S. looks to tap Canadian gas reservoirs (Christian Science Monitor)

Bush's Democratic Weapon
How Education Adviser Sandy Kress "Sweet-Talked" Sen. Kennedy Toward the Middle of Reform Plan
(Washington Post)

Bit by Bit, Tiny Morland, Kan., Fades Away

Morland, population 164, sits squarely in the path of a decline that the 2000 census found sweeping through the small towns of the Great Plains. (New York Times) Also: Census: Shifting Portrait of U.S. Hispanics
(Washington Post)

Indiana city hopes its image is intact after McVeigh
Farmers, factory workers and academics who pride themselves on their Hoosier hospitality say they worry that the four to seven minutes it takes to put McVeigh to death will mark Terre Haute for an eternity.
(Boston Globe) Also: Americans rethinking the death penalty (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Free trade puts Texas border colonias in spotlight
Communities of the rural poor are growing fast – and drawing lawmakers' attention. (Christian Science Monitor)

Northern California Town Pins Hopes on Sundial Bridge
Audubon, Iowa, has Albert, the "world's largest" concrete bull. Cawker City, Kan., boasts the "biggest" ball of twine. Now Redding is erecting its own landmark - a footbridge with a 20-story sundial-shaped tower. (San Jose Mercury News)

A trial's fallout for international terrorists

The case against four Muslim defendants is designed to cut to the heart of Osama bin Laden's organization. (Christian Science Monitor)

Families of Chechnya's Disappeared Seek Answers
Thousands of relatives wait in vain for those who have vanished since Russia launched its second war against the rebels who want independence for Chechnya. (New York Times)

War-game "litter" draws legal fire
A Kenyan herders' suit against British Army targets leftover bombs and may send militaries a warning. (Christian Science Monitor)

Swiss army to retire bike brigade by 2003
Not quite SEALs on wheels, but a source of pride for 110 years. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Boeing picks Chicago

The company will announce today that it has picked the Windy City for its new corporate home, the P-I has learned. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Oreo gets a new middle
Kraft’s Nabisco has begun distributing a new, all-chocolate version of its Oreo, the nation’s best-selling cookie. (Wall Street Journal)

Firms spend billions to fire up workers -- with little luck
There's no proof hot coals or speeches motivate the troops (USA Today)

Horse Breeders Face a Deadly Mystery Illness

Kentucky is grappling with a disastrous phenomenon in which hundreds of pregnant mares on its horse farms have lost their foals in the past two weeks. (New York Times)

















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