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A Daily Roundup of the Best Stories from the Top Newspapers

Posted Friday, May 11, 2001 - Final Issue

Top Stories
Hold Please, the Governor Is About to Give Birth

Acting Gov. Jane M. Swift, who is about to make American history by giving birth while in office, to twins no less, appears to be going through a rare late-pregnancy complication, Massachusetts politics. (New York Times)

The South's New-Car Smell
As Auto Plants Replace Region's Textile Mills, An Economy and a Way of Life Are Transformed
(Washington Post)

The man who will move 700,000 roses by Mother's Day
Meet Pete Cavallaro Jr. For him, Mother's Day means 17-hour workdays and delivering thousands of roses from his Boston warehouse. (Christian Science Monitor)

Bush pleas for new judges, but so far it's hardball

The president has called for an end to contention over the nominees, but the power of courts could make hearings hot. (Christian Science Monitor)

Cincinnati's woes rooted in 1920s reforms

Critics say the city's once-revolutionary system of governing has generated mistrust and a lack of leadership. (Christian Science Monitor)

A Diverse City Exists Equal but Separate
Vallejo, a working-class town just below the rolling hills of California's wine country, is one of the nation's most racially balanced cities, according to the 2000 census
(New York Times)

The rush to the death chamber
More condemned prisoners are in a hurry to die. Does the trend undermine justice? (Christian Science Monitor)

AIDS Vaccine Hopes Rise from Africa

'Killer T-Cells' Seem to Naturally Protect Some Prostitutes
(Washington Post) Also: S. African companies begin to see AIDS as economic disaster (Christian Science Monitor)

Thai executions meant to shock
The public supports the government's antinarcotics strategy - a fast-track death row for convicts. (Christian Science Monitor)

Japan Takes Lead in Pet Style
Posh pooches and cats have everything from designer outfits to business cards. (Los Angeles Times)

Price was high, but was Boeing worth it?

Besides bragging rights and a new dose of civic pride, exactly what do Chicago and Illinois get for the big bucks they have agreed to lay out to lure Boeing from Washington state? (Chicago Tribune)

Telecom industry faces reckoning
Telecom companies, which gorged on some $650 billion in debt in the past few years, are failing in record numbers. The industry shakeout is shaping up to be one of the biggest financial fiascoes ever. (Wall Street Journal)

Trying to Cut Risks in a Gambling City

CBS and its sibling networks turn to tourists visiting Las Vegas for feedback on programs before the shows hit the airwaves. (Los Angeles Times)

Getting the Athletic Edge May Mean Altering Genes

Concerned that athletes will soon employ genetic engineering to enhance performance, the I.O.C. and the affiliated World Anti-Doping Agency are about to convene inaugural meetings on the subject. (New York Times)

NBA Faces Flood of Youth
Despite a question of readiness, more high schoolers jump into draft.
(Washington Post)

















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